Is instructing a barrister expensive?
Can I instruct a barrister directly?
Isn't it expensive to instruct a barrister to appear in court or before a tribunal?
Do I have to come to Chambers to speak to Counsel?
Should a note be taken of oral advice?
Does a solicitor need to be instructed for a barrister to go to Court?
Can Barristers in the same Chambers appear against each other?
What is the difference between a QC and a Junior?
When (and why) do I need a QC and a junior?
What should I send when instructing a barrister?
What documents should I include?
Should I send the original documents?
How formal need the instructions be?
Can I send instructions by fax?
Can I send instructions by email?
Can we arrange a video conference?
Why have you asked for Money Laundering client identification?
What are the default contractual terms?
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