Barristers are able to work directly for a wide cross section of clients. This is especially so for the Tax Bar as a significant proportion of our work comes from sources other than solicitors. Typically we are instructed by solicitors, accountants, in house counsel (in a wide range of industries) tax advisors, trust companies and, under Public Access, members of the public. Please check the sections headed ‘Professional Client and Licensed Access’ and ‘Public Access’ to check under which rules you wish to instruct us. If you are unsure, then please contact the clerks.

Instructing us is a simple process. Your first contact with Chambers should be the Clerks, where you will find that our experienced clerking team will be pleased to discuss how best to deal with your circumstances. If requested (and so long as sufficient information is provided), the clerks will always give estimates of fees in advance of work being done.

Fees are calculated on a case by case basis and will be usually assessed by reference to a number of factors. For instance, we will consider the time commitment required of the particular barrister, the complexity of the matter and the degree of risk/responsibility involved. More often than not we will offer a fixed or capped fee. For a more detailed description of our usual charging structures, please visit our FAQ section.

If you have any questions about our instruction procedure you may find the answers in our FAQ section, otherwise you should feel free to contact the clerks by either telephone or email.