Pump Court Tax Chambers
16 Bedford Row
London WC1R 4EF

T: +44 (0)20 7414 8080

F: +44 (0)20 7414 8099


Office hours

Monday to Friday
8.30am to 6:30pm

Out of hours contact

Mark Rushton
07597 426807
John Poyser
07899 987261
Bruno Antoniotti
07792 318246

We are in the process of reorganising our premises, and are looking to make the necessary changes required to be more accessible.  Whilst this process is ongoing, we have two options for hosting meetings in wheelchair accessible rooms:

  1. We have a small meeting room in our building at 15 Jockey’s Fields. Both the meeting room and suitable toilets can be reached via an accessible lift.
  2. With sufficient notice, we can make arrangements to hold meetings in an alternative premises close to Chambers.

Unfortunately, our main building is a listed building on 15 to 17 Bedford Row accessed from an entrance at 16 Bedford Row. Although this part of our premises can be made accessible using a wheelchair platform, which is available to access the entrance at 16 Bedford Row, unfortunately, the lift in that building is not large enough for anything other than a relatively small wheelchair and there is currently no accessible toilet in the building.

See also Pupillages for more information relating to accessibility and pupillages/mini-pupillages.