Tax legislation is complex, you need to be rigorous, pay great attention to detail and also to be creative.

Chambers Student Guide, 2019

In the current circumstances Chambers is offering virtual mini-pupillages. Mini-pupils will sit (remotely) with members of Chambers for one day to obtain experience of Chambers’ work. Virtual mini-pupillages are not assessed.

Applications for mini-pupillages are considered three times a year:

  • applications for mini-pupillage within the period 9 November 2020 to 22 January 2021 inclusive (excluding the period 21 December 2020 to 10 January 2021) should be made by 9 October 2020 (GDL students are particularly encouraged to apply in this round);
  • applications for mini-pupillage within the period 1 March to 30 April 2021 inclusive (excluding the period 29 March to 11 April 2021) should be made by 29 January 2021; and
  • applications for mini-pupillage within the period 7 June to 1 October 2021 inclusive (excluding the period 26 July to 5 September 2021) should be made by 7 May 2021.

Virtual mini-pupillages are funded and all mini-pupils receive an allowance of £50 per day (this allowance is available whether or not any expenses are incurred). In addition, where a mini-pupil’s reasonable costs of attending a mini-pupillage exceed that amount, a further needs-based allowance is available. We ask that successful applicants who wish to apply for the further allowance inform us as soon as possible after accepting an offer of mini-pupillage.

Applications should be made to the Mini-Pupillage Secretary by email to by means of a full CV and cover letter which should:

  • explain why the applicant is interested in undertaking a mini-pupillage in Chambers
  • indicate preferred dates for the mini-pupillage
  • include full university examination results to date (including first year examinations)

Experience suggests that mini-pupils get most out of their time in Chambers if they are in their second or later year of a law degree or have started the GDL (or are undertaking the BTC). We therefore give priority to such applicants when mini-pupillage rounds are over-subscribed.

In addition to the general mini pupillages outlined above, we are pleased to say that Chambers is offering places on Bridging The Bar’s flagship mini-pupillage scheme. Please click here for further information, including how to apply.

All enquiries relating to pupillages and mini-pupillages should, where possible, be made by email to